Steel Mill Slag Services

Altema handling Industrial waste management system & Environmental services for Industrials. Altema specialist for steel plants waste Recovery.

Altema have own mill services with varies of equipments to resource recovery to minimize the waste & environmental benefits.

Which use to recycle the waste-products through the process & return the valuable material to the plant for production.

The co products which developed as clent demand & reuse for Road Construction, Industrial & Agriculture.

➢ Skull Handling
➢ Slag Recycling
➢ Metal Recovery
➢ Scrape Handling
➢ Material Handling services

More about SLAG

In effect we get the clean material of appropriate size fractions, which can be utilized in construction of any category roads, embankments or civil engineering.

The processed and reclaimed skull crushed and gas cut into desired sizes are delivered back to the client scrap area for charging into melt shop Furnaces. The processed slag aggregates into various sizes will cater to the needs of roadway construction and other industrial sector’s requirements.

Slag Types

Size 00 mm – 06 mm


Size 07 mm – 12 mm (3/8)


Size 13 mm – 19 mm (3/4)


Size 20 mm – 38 mm (1.5)


Size 39 mm – 64 mm (2.5)


Size 65 mm and above (proc. slag oversize)