Wet Gypsum stacking & Waste Rock handling

Wet Gypsum Stacking :

Altema Construct Wet Phosphogypsum stack within the Gypsum stack on a annual basis.

The wet gypsum dispose from the PAP to the gypsum wet stacking area, around 1400 Ton/Hr Gypsum dispose in the pad.

Altema control the flow in the pad, by preparing the ditch to divert the water flow to the recycling pond. Pull the Gypsum from wet an placed in the cell for drying process as per the design. Layer by layer the process to Gypsum stack as per the design. Altema placed the skill operators which expert in wet environment handling and special variety of equipments use to control the wet & stack the gypsum.

Rock Handling :

Waste rock generate from Plant 800 Ton/Hrs, The size of Rock 0.1 mm to 100 mm size.

The heavy 992 Loader & 100 ton Dumper & Bulldozers use to dispose in the desired area.